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History, Measures and Licenses.

Buck’s Grill House was opened in 1995 in Moab, Utah to offer cowboy style steaks and Southwest recipes by Chef Tim Buckingham. Buckingham, a Moab native, worked in the Atlas Minerals Uranium Mill until it shut down in 1984, when he decided to pursue what he loves; cooking. Off to California he went to attend culinary school in Santa Barbara. Buckingham returned to Moab in 1991 to raise his son here and open his restaurant.

In 2015, the house was remodeled, adjusting its structure and preparing for busier times. Moab was getting bigger and bigger and tourism was growing fast.

The building remodel was brought up to City Environmental Code. All the walls around the building are made with metal and stucco and are fully insulated. The installation of the septic system is up to code. All kitchen appliances were upgraded--including the oven, grill, fryers, fridges, work tables, heat lamp, dishes, air conditioning, grease trap and exhaust hood with fire wall behind the line up to fire code. Hot water heaters and well water pump with a pressure tank were all upgraded in 2015.  The front of the house was separated into a dining room area and the Lounge, to offer different options: a place for families with a dog friendly patio or a bar area for 21+ to enjoy craft cocktails and local beer. The Lounge received a new walk-in and product storage space. The tap beer was upgraded in 2020 with 12 different beers on tap. Outside of the building there is a 1600 sq ft patio with a water fountain and capacity for 45 people with access from the dining room and from the parking lot. There is an outdoor tent with capacity for 30 people for private parties with a mobile bar, swamp cooler and fans. Lastly, there is a large garden (5600 sq feet) constructed in 2019 with a 24 X 12 ft stage which is ready for live bands and events. 

The restaurant has two detached apartments for employees. The first apartment has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. The second apartment includes one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. There is a shared laundry and a spacious backyard along with a garage. 

Property measures

  -  Full lot : 1 Acre

  -  Central Building : 5.804 sq feet

  -  Outside for service (patio, tent and garden): 8100 sq feet.

  -  Parking lot: 27 cars

Zoning and Urban Changes

The property is Resort Commercial Zone according with the Moab Municipal Code Section 17.31.020 with a high potential for development. Moab City is enlarging US 191 Highway for more capacity and an easier drive in, along with new sidewalk on front of the restaurant and a bike path across the street.

The restaurant is located on US - 191 North, which transitions into Moab's Main Street.  The property is the first restaurant tourists encounter when they return to Moab from Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Arches NP is 3.6 miles away and there is a pedestrian and bike path that passes directly in front of the property. The property retains a much calmer atmosphere than downtown Moab for people coming into town after a long day of adventuring.
The property is conveniently located for Jeepers coming from the northwest desert trails such as Gemini Bridges and Poison Spider. Mountain bikers stop here for a beer after finishing a world-famous trail such as the Whole Enchilada or Magnificent 7. Rafters and hikers enjoy a hearty meal after a day outside, or fuel up before they head out on their adventure. It is a great place to stop before and after adventures and is conveniently located for tourists and locals alike. 
Check the map to see our exact location.
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