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Why invest in Moab

Moab continues to grow as one of the nation’s vacation hot spots. Having two of Utah’s mighty five national parks right next door, Arches and Canyonlands bringing 1.5 million+ visitors a year and offers something for everyone as the outdoor recreation capitol of the world.

    Located between the majestic La Sal Mountains and the mighty Colorado River surrounded by the world’s most beautiful red rock country,  it offers an abundant variety of outdoor recreation including mountain biking, 4 wheeling, river running, rock climbing and camping.

    Moab brings a variety of visitors from around the world as well as domestic travelers. That’s why during the economic down turn of 2008 it faired far better than most places in the United States. That is why if will also do much better after the current economic crisis because Americans will be doing more domestic travel that doesn’t involve flying. California is only a day’s drive away also much of the intermountain region travels to Moab because of it’s close location. 

    Moab has seen an enormous amount of growth in recent years with the addition many more motel and hotel rooms. Grand County Community and Economic Development Director Zacharia Levine said that the thrust of the study’s findings were that demand for hotels in Moab was not going to decrease. “The numbers suggest there is still a strong market for new lodging development based on historical trends of visitation growth and new development,” Levine said. of The LYRB report said that this high demand for lodging was outpacing the actual supply of rentals. “The number of tourists is growing at a faster pace than development of hotel/motel rooms,” the report reads.


  • 2016 Arches National Park Visitation 1,585,718 + 13.33 % above 2015

  • 2016 Canyonlands National Park Visitation 776,219 + 22.31% above 2105 

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